Madnomad Madnomad
Meet world traveler Gregg Butensky, who journeyed from North Africa, to India to Southeast Asia, collecting music as he went. Here is his fascinating compilation of international tunes.

Click to listen an eclectic journey around the world of music (T1/DSL)


Internet Radio: The Future is Now Internet Radio: The Future is Now
Live365 is helping define the future of radio. Want to know more? (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 354kb)

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Ascension Party Ascension Party
Live365, with Infinite Kaos and the San Francisco Late Night Coalition (SFLNC), presents an archive of Ascension - an evening of underground dance music, and the people working to preserve the SF dance community.

Click to listen Ascension : Infinite Kaos (33k Modem)

Click to listen Ascension : Infinite Kaos (56k Modem)

Ascension and SFLNC
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Hey Broadcasters! Hey Broadcasters!
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Community The Music Industry Food Chain
Member, localplayer, posts one artist's response to the "democratization of the music party." Will increased distribution channels doom the quality and content of music?

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Community Daily Chats
Our team of Live365 Message Board hosts invite you to join their DAILY discussions of kinds of music!

Sunday 5pm PT
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Thursday 8pm PT
Host: Chris Najdek (CRcito)
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