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Note: We travelled in this region in April and May 1999.
Morocco - Casablanca
  MONDIALE on Rue Allal ben Abdallah is a little pricey at 30DH/hr for a so-so connection, but it is convenient to the group of cheap hotels. There are several other cybercafes in Casa, some we saw advertised in papers, but they may not be as accessible location-wise.
Morocco - Fes
  F@SSINET on 12, Av Hassan II is a good working space with about 8 machines. Connection can be a little slow in the middle of the day, so best go first thing in the morning. Owner of the business, Mohammed El Oudghiri, is good to talk to and helpful. 30DH/hr or you can get a discount card of 10hrs for 200DH. Open 9am-9pm. A little faster is EXTRABIT on 42, Av Lalla Hasnae, and connection is more reliable. However, terminals are paired up into one box (to save power?) and therefore sometimes crash unexpectedly. 20DH/hr or discount card of 10hrs for 120DH. Place also has scanner for 5DH an image. Also open 9am-9pm. A third place is SIBED on Rue Arabite Sauodite near Place de Florence. Heard it was better than Extrabit but the server was down when we went, so can't speak from first-hand experience. Also 20DH/hr.
Morocco - Marrakesh
  We didn't really seek out cybercafes in Marrakesh but did use one place in the Hotel Ali to check email. The dial-up connection is slow and somewhat unstable. Cost was 8DH/15min.
Morocco - Ouarzazate
  Didn't look for any and also heard that there weren't any cybercafes in town yet (May '99). (Totally unrelated, there are however, plenty of American and Euro film studios around.)
Morocco - Rabat
  KADINET on Av Mohammed V, first block south of Av Hassan II cross-section, was a great deal. 15DH/hr with around 8 machines available. We did notice a few 'grand opening' signs of other places that weren't yet open for business, but there are apparently already some 4-5 cyberclubs (as they're called in Morocco) in Rabat. 
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