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Note: We travelled in this region from Nov 1999 thru Jan 2000.
Assam - Guwahati
  There are two each on GS Rd and MN Rd. We used Internet Club (NE Communications) on MN Rd just north of SS Rd in Pan Bazar. It's in the same building as Space Lodge. 60Rs/hr.
  Around Connaught Place and in Paharganj, rates vary from 50Rs/hr to 100Rs/hr. Many places just have one or two machines. The Hotel Gold Regency on Main Bazaar in Paharganj has 16 machines and is open 24 hours. They charge 50Rs/hr for non-members but only 30Rs/hr for members. A one month membership is 50Rs. If you're two, you can get a joint membership for 75Rs.
Himachal Pradesh - Dharamsala
  Now that there's an ISP in Shimla, the number of cybercafes in McLeod Ganj has mushroomed. There are at least a dozen all over the small town center. Prices are standardized and apply by the minute (hourly rates are 90Rs for the first hour and 60Rs for each hour after that). We did some work for Rajesh at the Snow Palace -
Himachal Pradesh - Shimla
  There's one machine online at the Tourist Info Center near Scandal Corner. They charge 50Rs for half an hour. You can also try the Rendezvous Business Center behind and below the Indian Coffee House in Sabzi Mandi.
Ladakh - Leh
  Everything tourist related in Leh was shut down for winter when we were there. And apparently, in Leh, locals aren't using the Internet. We saw ads for online access at the Travel Corporation of Ladakh on Old Road and for a place upstairs in the White House on Fort Road.
Madhya Pradesh - Khajuraho
  One STD shop in the center of town (Jain Temple Road near Madras Coffee House) was advertising Internet but it wasn't working yet when we were there. Dial-up from here is to Bhopal. 3-5Rs/min.
Punjab - Amritsar
  Cybercafes were just coming into existence when we were in Amritsar (Oct '99). Cyber Links had been open just two days. It's in the old city - FF/38 opposite Bhalla Jewellers in Guru Bazaar. Follow the signs. 100Rs/hr. We also came across a woman run cybercafe slated to open two weeks later (Nov '99). This one's on Taylor Road, just north of Court Road, in the stadium complex.
Rajasthan - Jaisalmer
  Jaisalmer got an internet connection in Aug '99 - just three months before our visit. Since then some 30 cybercafes had opened - most with just one or two machines. And all with slow and unreliable connections. Prices are standardized at 2Rs/min or 100Rs/hr. We used Surf2Home upstairs from Safari Tours on Gandhi Chowk. This is a branch office of Jodhpur-based Dream Team. tel: 02992-51158
Rajasthan - Jodhpur
  Dream Team is on the main road near Sadar Market, just west of the Clock Tower Plaza gate. This is the place to go for friendly folks and a good connection. 2Rs/min, 15min minimum, 100Rs/hr. tel: 0291-627614

The Evergreen Guest House in the old city (Novechokiya) charges 3Rs/min.

Rajasthan - Pushkar
  There are a bunch of places - typically with just a couple machines. Here too, prices are standardized. 2Rs per minute, 100Rs per hour. Everyone dials up the same ISP in Jaipur so when it's down it's down. Swami at Internet Office (Sadar Bazaar Road) is working on a site for Pushkar - You may be able to help him out in exchange for use of a machine.
Rajasthan - Udaipur
  Numerous shops in the center offer internet. Typical cost is 2Rs/min or 100Rs/hr. Lowest we found was 90Rs/hr. Connection is much better than in Jaisalmer but not as good as in Jodhpur.
Sikkim - Gangtok
  Reliance Mobile on MG Marg next to Green Hotel has five machines and charges 1.5RS/min. The Green Hotel charges 2Rs/min. There was also a place advertising 1Rs/min but it's inconveniently located down the road in Deorali - check at the Modern Central.
Uttar Pradesh - Agra
  There are number of cybercafes in Taj Ganj advertising 50Rs or 60Rs per hour.
Uttar Pradesh - Allahabad
  We came across three places - all on MG Marg. Cheapest was Samsa - across from the Shamiana food stall. They had just one machine online but three more coming soon. 2Rs/min or 60Rs/hr. Icon - near the Indian Coffee House - had four machines and charged 80Rs/hr. An STD place inbetween the two was charging 100Rs/hr. Connection speed at the two we tried was decent.
Uttar Pradesh - Jhansi
  An STD place just east of Hotel Sita has one machine and charges 2Rs/min. We didn't try it.
Uttar Pradesh - Varanasi
  There are plenty of Internet places ranging from 1.5-2Rs/min and 50-100Rs/hr. They were still dialing up Allahabad so connections were slow. We used The Messenger and Puja Internet.
West Bengal - Calcutta
  Internet is cheap and good in Calcutta. Cheapest we found was City Cyber at 25A Park St. 30Rs/hr. Open 10am-9pm. Turn in off of Park St through gate just south of the Park Hotel to buildings in back. If coming from Sudder St, there's a shortcut from Free School St before the intersection with Park.

Also in this building cluster is Cyberia which charges 50Rs/hr nad has discounts for 25 hrs or more. Cyber Kiosk is at 61A Park (nr. post office) and charges 40RS/hr.

There are also a bunch of places on Sudder St which typically charge 1Rs/min.

West Bengal - Darjeeling
  We didn't get online in Darjeeling but did come across four cybercafes. Cyberc@fe and Udayan Communications ( are both in the Hotel Red Rose at 37 Laden La Rd. Cyberm@tha is in the Triveni Guesthouse (2.5Rs/min). Compuset Center at Das Color Lab is on Gandhi Rd near the clock tower.
West Bengal - Kalimpong
  Arena - on Rishi Rd near Bethlehem Lodge - charges 2Rs/min. Just south of Deki Lodge on Tripal Rd there's an STD place with a machine - also 2Rs/min. We spotted a third place on Rishi Rd down near the post office.
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