June 2000
After 403 days on the go, bedding down someplace new every few nights if not every night, the Madnomads have resurfaced in their hometown, San Francisco. They have launched back into 'productivity mode', although they cannot yet call themselves 'productive citizens'. (Travels taught them to savor time to themselves while they still can).

They are exhilarated from an amazing journey. They are happy to see their friends and family. They are relieved to find they still love the city they left behind. Though the journey has come to an end, the Madnomads have not. You will be seeing them again.

Gregg and Evelyn travelled for 14 months starting April 1999. This was the final itinerary, which if you're wondering, did change as the trip progressed.

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Apr 1999    depart US for Spain
Jan 2000India/Bangladesh

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p.s. We agree with those who've suggested a map indicating our route would be useful. Because our route was always subject to change and because we *weren't* carrying a computer, an accurate map wasn't feasible. An item for the 'madnomad wishlist'.
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