words and images: Gregg Butensky
"If people and their manner of living were alike everywhere, there would not be much point in moving from one place to another. With few exceptions, landscape alone is of insufficient interest to warrant the effort it takes to see it. Even the works of man, unless they are being used in his daily living, have a way of losing their meaning, and take on the qualities of decoration. What makes Istanbul worth while to the outsider is not the presence of the mosques and the covered souks, but the fact that they still function as such. If the people of India did not have their remarkable awareness of the importance of spiritual discipline, it would be an overwhelmingly depressing country to visit, notwithstanding its architectural wonders. And North Africa without its tribes, inhabited by, let us say, the Swiss, would be merely a rather more barren California."
-- Paul Bowles, 1957

One week from now - along with Evelyn Wang - I'll be heading out for more travel. We'll spend a year or so travelling around the world and will be updating and maintaining a new web site from the road. Check us out at: madnomad.com
-- Gregg, 8 Apr 1999